Sep. 28th, 2014 07:31 pm
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So, Mr. Tensai, this will be for your eyes only. You don't know me, but I have a friend you do know who has told me quite a bit about your shenanigans with your own original character by the name of Kaoru.

I will be completely honest. It looks to me that you created him to purely be shota jailbait out to get laid by some guy and look cute. You're not even doing that well, so let me tell you why.

I have seen both biographies: the original you wrote, and the one re-written so it matches how you actually play Kaoru. The original bio wasn't too bad, but your first mistake was not playing Kaoru like how he was written. How can you do that to Kaoru? How can you treat him like that? He's your OC, he at least deserved to be played like how he was written. It doesn't look like you played on any of Kaoru's initial strengths, and only his weaknesses were played up.

It's getting annoying. It was probably annoying from the start. You do not play Kaoru well, and I feel sorry for him as a character. I would suggest re-reading his original bio if you have it, and really think about how to play him for starters.

For another, at the rate you're going not a single person is going to want to play with you. You made Kaoru to be more pathetic than he already was, and I cannot turn a blind eye to this kind of degrading misuse of his character. He may be yours, and you may have the power to develop and change him how you want, but you didn't even play him how you wrote him out initially. Why not? His strengths had something to them, and you could have started out with that rather than immediately clinging to some demon he apparently thought was cute, a demon who didn't accept his advances.

I'm no stranger to making characters for the sake of relationships and shipping, but as a character they still have to be able to stand on their own. Kaoru does not do that, and from what I've been told, he never did.

You really need to rethink how you play Kaoru, and how you rp in general. It speaks of bad novice mistakes that you don't learn from. You haven't listened to anyone else from the board, so I'm writing this in hopes that you'll at least listen to a stranger with a fresh perspective on things. I've been there before, and grew out of it thanks to trial and error. You always want to keep in mind what you want to do for your character to stand up on their own two feet, even if they still have to have other characters help them do that in-game. It helps development, and you get to see your OC grow.

Take what you will from this. If you just scoff and say "none of your business", fine, but I just can't stand by and watch someone abuse their own original character like that.


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