Jan. 6th, 2012 05:57 pm
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Well, consider my move from LJ to here official. I'm surprised and pleased at how quickly everything was imported, so I hope I have a good time having a little hidey-hole where I can write what I want without having to worry about character limit and such. Writing on a paper diary is fun, but I get into the habit better if it's online. The direction LJ is now taking as a whole leaves a very sour taste in my mouth, especially since the bulk of people signed up on this side of the world are Americans. We're feeling very screwed-over right now.

At any rate, I'll be keeping my three RP accounts over there, mainly for the Dear_Mun community and the style workarounds they plan to use to make life a little easier on the people that post there. Still a lot of RP communities moving over to DW, including a dressing room I'm rather fond of: The Love Hotel. My own RP needs with the muses I have will be met through private things and the RPs I'm in on Tegaki-E. My focus needs to go back over to those more anyway.
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This is just to see if I'm doin' it right. xD LiveJournal's grown so much since I first heard of it, but I think I finally settled on something I like. Y'all better count yourself lucky I didn't choose that bright purple/green theme just to annoy my friends and hurt your eyes XDDD. I wanted something generally summery, as Summer is my favorite season and all. Helps that I'm a Leo and all that XD Ruled by the sun, fiery, moodswings out the whazoo and passionate and intense emotions. My boyfriend's a saint for putting up with me and my shenanigans all this time. I love him so much <3

I'm mainly here to be part of a community my friend Dandy decided to put together for our Robot Masters Tegaki-E RP group. Though she's recently dropped off and thus also dropped her characters, we all still think about her and pray for her; especially now because she's from Chile and while she currently resides in Europe for schooling her family is still in her native country. Poor baby's worrying herself sick and she's so frustrated at being unable to be there for her family.

At any rate, I don't even know how much I'll be writing in this sucker. I hardly post on my dA journals these days (lol I need to check my deviations inbox, it's so full right now XD; ). Several other of my online friends have an LJ too so we'll see. Later, y'all.


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