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This is actually a toss-up between Abraham Lincoln and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Everyone knows the general story and accomplishments of "Honest Abe" and what he did for the USA, and with good reason. He moved this country forward with his radical political views and cynical mindset. He didn't believe things were just so because of something, or that they were always going to remain so. He brought about much needed change at the time that bettered this country in many ways.

The same goes for Teddy. I know some people say he only put the national parks we enjoy today (the most notable being Yellowstone) so that he could have a legal hunting ground, but doesn't that also require an understanding that the environment must be maintained? One can't enjoy their favorite sport without the playing field being properly cared for. He also had an appreciation for the wild lands as well, with how much he traveled. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to put that kind of conservationalist mindset into action that has stuck to this very day, which Jimmy Carter expanded into energy effeciency, conservation, and sustainability. It's only a shame now that many state-run parks are in trouble all over the nation, and I think that would make Teddy very sad indeed. Teddy also didn't fall for any bullshit. He's the one that called out Rockafeller and put Standard Oil Company under investigation for underhanded business activities.

These two men were also very loved by the people, and these two men were not afraid to take action and stick to their objectives. This is something that everyone should strive for not only in a leader, but in themselves. This country was very fortunate to have these two men in office.
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I was in my Government class as it was happening. I didn't know what was going on because our principal wouldn't let anyone in the school turn on the TV. My German teacher turned it on anyway when I had her class that day (it was last period), and we watched the footage that had been captured.

But you know, this thing, and the simple question, makes me think it's written in a spiteful tone. As if to guilt trip those who are not even residents of NYC, which is bullshit.

Personally, I'm tired of remembering. I'm tired of being reminded year after year that it happened, that we're forced to remember. Yes, it shook us as a nation, it united us for a time, but look at what we did because of it. We threw ourselves into a chaotic middle east, not knowing exactly who we were chasing after, and when we finally did grab the one man we decided to blame for all of this? People made me sick celebrating over his death, and I think they were all fools if they thought that finished it.

I mean no disrespect to the families who lost loved ones, to the kids who never got to know their parents because of it, to the parents that have now outlived their children that had gotten caught up in it all. I'm just sick and tired of remembering that horrible image of two iconic buildings tumbling down as if they were built by matchsticks. I don't want to grieve over it anymore. I don't believe the rest of the nation should either.

Because I'm from San Antonio, I imagined what it would be like if the Tower of the Americas and/or the Alamo got demolished in the same way. And then pictured people all around downtown dying in an instant. I figured that was very much the equivalent of the Two Towers collapsing, and it gave me the shivers.

All the same, I want to move on completely from that event, and I believe everyone else should as well. Move on doesn't mean completely forget. Move on means live while taking the lessons of the past with you.
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Yes, yes I do. However, I do not think that should be the first time kids are introduced to the idea of sex and what it entails. That should always start in the home. A parent's voice is stronger than anyone else's for a child. No matter how much a student may like their teacher, there's always gonna be that doubt. How much did they stretch? Did they leave anything out important because of embarrassment or bias? What if they wanted to know more detail?

In our society sex itself is an embarrassing subject. Hell, we don't even talk about our own genitals comfortably, or even about underwear. That being said, approaching the subject of sex in a public place, such as a school, still leaves the student with unanswered questions they're too embarrassed to ask.

Thus, what needs to happen first is the parents should always have "the talk" with their kids about sex first. Take myself, for example. I learned, in detail, about sex at seven years old. I was taken to the master bedroom alone, so my brother wouldn't overhear as he was only five at the time, and both my mother and father explained to me what happens when a couple has sex. I was even given detailed accounts of how an erection happens.

I wasn't disturbed by it. I was kind of surprised our bodies were capable of such a thing, but it also made perfect sense. Kids wonder from a very young age where they came from and how; that's why you get even toddlers asking "the question". I also accepted it as the absolute truth, because my parents were telling me, and they also told me it's important for me to know. In a biological sense, it's perfect for the parents to tell the child because they were the ones that went through the very act to bring their kid into the world. I think that's what really drives it home, for the child to know that this is how they came into the world. If a child first learns from someone else and they don't have any kids (that they know of), they're going to doubt regardless.

Now that I have that out of the way, continuing sex education should be reinforced in public schools. Not often, but enough, because as we all know and remember at a certain age we become more and more curious about it. I remember being eager to learn about it at only 10 years old.

At the end of my 5th grade year, I watched a video about puberty, sex, and reproduction. It was mandatory, every single class in 5th grade had to watch it. Then, I had a class for one six-week period in 6th grade about safe-sex education. That class mainly enforced use of condoms and informed about birth controls, STDs, pregnancy, etc. The subject is given less focus in high school, but it's still there if you take a Health class, which I did.

Now, all of this was fine, but I had one thing at home that I knew my peers didn't. I was given permission at 12 to read a little miniature book that was a sex guide, with photographs and diagrams. That's something that I think should be provided to students in middle and high school: resources. I understand schools can't have some books available because of their content, but that doesn't mean the teacher can't write down a few titles and recommend them.

If the students had more resources at their disposal, and the approval from either their parents or their teachers to look them up, I believe they'll make smarter choices and feel less pressure from their peers and our society as a whole.
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I can count on my family for anything, be it monetary help, a place to sleep, comfort, companionship, a day out to have some fun, absolutely anything. My family is a deep part of my heart and like God they act like my solid rock. I worry about them without cease, pray for their souls when the elderly relatives finally pass away, and I wish for nothing but the best for them. It was because of my family that my childhood with no or few friends was bearable.

There are also a few very close friends of mine that I consider family, y'all know who you are :3. Additional siblings, people I've known for years and plan to know and stay friends with 'til the day I die. The kind of love I have for my family is unshakeable, as is my loyalty and my wish to help them whenever they're in need. No matter what our issues are at the time, I know I can count on my family for anything if I ask.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'd hafta say it's "I'll Never Stop Loving You" by Britney Spears on this album I have called Cool Traxx! 2. and i'm ashamed to say it's decent. I don't listen to it often, and when it usually comes up on my Winamp I normally skip over it XD;


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