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So I thought I'd write in here, as last night was kinda giddy with rushing emotions that I'm still feeling the aftereffects of. Alicia knows what I'm talking about, I'll leave it up to her to brag about this to as many people as she wants to XD

So there's this guy (haw, and then everyone knew where this was going), right? But we didn't just meet; we've been talking for months, prolly a year or two already. I first knew him as an artist for a Sonic webcomic that was drawn, and drawn well, for once. I like sprite comics, but for sprite stuff something about the comic has to grip me really well in order for me to keep up with it. Then and only then will I begin looking at the artistic part of it XD Drawn comics online are such a novelty these days, especially if they're fan-comics.

Anyway! Gosh, when did we start talking? **five minutes later, after scrolling down his Watchers list on dA** Wow, I watched him on November 6, 2007. I know we began talking not long after that. Three years I've known this guy. Man, how time flies (hard to believe I've known Tony for even longer, too bad I don't talk to him much anymore). At first it was random hellos, some conversation here and there, but it wasn't until earlier this year that we began to get really close.

Shared pain can do that. One rants, the other rants, both sympathize because it seemed the same thing has happened to them, just under difference circumstances. Of course we both dealt with it differently, but it became more and more common with us. We've even recently shared the pain of big breakups in our lives that are still hard to get over. And in-between us bitching about life to each other, we hung out often and spammed each other links, YouTube vids, and talked shop (video games, mainly Sonic XD). We just ... talked. About everything, too. I love having friends like that.

It wasn't until his recent 21st birthday that we did anything. Rather, I did something for him, a special lil' birthday gift to help lift his spirits. It just came to me without any goading, without any convincing, and without any asking. I did this for him all on my own without a second thought and I enjoyed every bit of it. I may be virginal, but damn am I a showoff XD Still, I surprised myself.

After that everything just kinda ... I dunno. "Fell into place" isn't exactly right, and "escalated" isn't, either. Everything was business as usual, but he just wouldn't leave my mind. I became eager to talk to him, and even yesterday during my truck shift, when I saw friggin' Valentine's Day towels and such, I became excited about it. I never do that XD Usually if I see V-Day stuff I sigh and roll my eyes. "It's cute, but ugh." Those towels were in a real cute design too, they got good this year.

Now to the point of this entry! He's ... I ... we got together, just last night. I finally broke under my own pressure and asked him right out. I was contemplating it for a few days beforehand, but I thought I still wouldn't be ready or willing to put myself into another relationship that I want to last. Finally, I decided last night it was now or never, so I asked and expected a full rejection. He was still hurting from his own relationship, too, despite my help, and I honestly thought he wouldn't want to date again for a while. Instead I got a "...really? I'd ... like that." Apparently even he thought the same thing: wanted to date me, thought I wouldn't go for it, then lo and behold!

Yes, it's a long-distance relationship. Yes, I know those are hard. But you know, with all my experience with past relationships, coupled with the fact I am no longer afraid to board a plane on my own and just go for it, I'm more than willing to put in the effort. I'm also trying hard not to be too overwhelming all at once. I still want to lavish him so much attention just from texting back and forth, but I don't want him to get in trouble at work so I'm holding back. I'm also holding back a little for his sake cuz I don't wanna wind up scaring him away. hee, just around 5 hours 'til he gets home x3 And here I thought about changing my plan to reduce my minutes cuz I don't use them that much. I'm going to put that idea on hold, considering I'm going to use my phone a lot more now.

Overall, I'm very happy how this turned out, and I wanted to wait until I had enough sleep and coherency to let everyone know. Needless to say I don't quite feel like repeating the news a million times to other people but them's the breaks xD My guy is known as Nomad, name is Nick :3 he lives in Louisiana, and is not only a cutie but a sweety <3 I know I don't usually wind up dating friends, but right now I believe we're both exactly what we need.
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