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This is actually a toss-up between Abraham Lincoln and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Everyone knows the general story and accomplishments of "Honest Abe" and what he did for the USA, and with good reason. He moved this country forward with his radical political views and cynical mindset. He didn't believe things were just so because of something, or that they were always going to remain so. He brought about much needed change at the time that bettered this country in many ways.

The same goes for Teddy. I know some people say he only put the national parks we enjoy today (the most notable being Yellowstone) so that he could have a legal hunting ground, but doesn't that also require an understanding that the environment must be maintained? One can't enjoy their favorite sport without the playing field being properly cared for. He also had an appreciation for the wild lands as well, with how much he traveled. Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to put that kind of conservationalist mindset into action that has stuck to this very day, which Jimmy Carter expanded into energy effeciency, conservation, and sustainability. It's only a shame now that many state-run parks are in trouble all over the nation, and I think that would make Teddy very sad indeed. Teddy also didn't fall for any bullshit. He's the one that called out Rockafeller and put Standard Oil Company under investigation for underhanded business activities.

These two men were also very loved by the people, and these two men were not afraid to take action and stick to their objectives. This is something that everyone should strive for not only in a leader, but in themselves. This country was very fortunate to have these two men in office.
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